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Competition Act Disclaimer

The Canadian federal government passed the omnibus Bill C-59, which includes amendments to the Competition Act, resulting in changes to the law around environmental communications. The changes create significant uncertainty in respect of how Canadian companies may legally communicate with the public regarding their environmental goals and performance, including their climate change mitigation efforts.

This archived information is provided solely for historical information and reference purposes. This information does not constitute an active representation of Obsidian Energy, and the Company fully disclaims any liability for the use of such information and undertakes no obligation to update such information except as required by applicable law.

With uncertainty on how the new law will be interpreted and applied, and in the absence of any transition period nor guidance from the government, we have decided to restrict public access to our environmental-related communications at this time. Any clarity the Competition Bureau can provide through specific guidance may help direct our communications approach in the future. notwithstanding the changes to the legislation, Obsidian Energy’s intent and approach to environmental action remain unchanged. We believe our industry has a key role to play in supporting a strong economy and helping provide Canadians with secure access to affordable energy.

Upcoming Events

Sep 10, 2024

Peter’s & Co. Annual Energy Conference

Obsidian Energy is pleased to be participating at the Peters & Co. 28th Annual Energy Conference from September 10th to 12th, 2024 in Toronto, Ontario

Oct 19, 2024

Schachter 2024 Catch the Energy Conference

Obsidian Energy and members of the management team will be participating in the Schachter 'Catch the Energy' Conference 2024 on October 19, 2024.